Sicily in the Spring

We may have arrived when it still feels like the end of Winter and our European neighbors as well as Medford are experiencing snow but here in the south west corner of Sicily we are getting a wet and cold end to February but I’m hopeful of a bright and warm Spring around the corner.

It’s so lovely to be back here and see my parents after exactly a year of being abroad in Oregon. Luke is here with me and we are working on our small town house in the center of Cianciana. We’re lucky to have our friend Jonty visiting. He’s been in Sicily for almost 2 months working on my Dad’s countryside property and helping with pruning all the olive trees. He’s been a great help and was such a trooper getting here…bike-riding all the way from Catania on the east-coast to Cianciana!

Luke is getting right into renovating; today he started painting pallets that we rescued from the Supermarket to recycle and form a couch out of and potentially other various bits of furniture and creative projects whilst also fighting a cold, poor thing! It’s definitely taken me the first week to get into the groove of renovating and feeling like I’m actually ‘here’. With the jet lag and such a change of scenery it’s always an adjustment and transition phase and it’s amazing to think what we’ve already accomplished in less than two weeks of being here!

I’m looking forward to the weather warming up and seeing more sunny days, but I’m also grateful for the wet weather to keep the landscape greener longer and keep the wild fires at bay. Winter here in Sicily is really mild compared to so many other places so there’s nothing to complain about. It is interesting just how much a lack of sun can affect you’re energy levels and outlook. But it’s quickly remedied by the warm and delicious food and passionate culture.

Reconnecting with everyone slowly but inevitably, being such a small town and finding myself organizing things like getting internet installed and various other workers to come to our place to get final finishing in place…like a staircase to get up to our ‘loft’ where we’ve decided to make our bedroom…it’s all a big learning curve of which I’m grateful for the lifelong lesson it has and will teach Luke and I as we continue to hopefully renovate and make ourselves at home here and maybe other places around the world….vediamo ~ we’ll see 😉

So lucky that I arrived in time to see the man that the film “Patch Adams” is based on at one of the most beautiful theaters I’ve ever scene – ‘Teatro Pirandello’ in Agrigento. Kindly invited by the son of our friends two nights ago we witnessed the grandeur and life story of the incredible “Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams.

I couldn’t help but start a ripples of applause and heckling with support at almost everything he said and I literally had the upper hand by being seated in the balcony and hearing his story first in English before it was translated. I need to take a moment to honour the translator, she did such an incredible job. She was incredibly grounded and so accurate with her translation that it blew us away. If my Italian ever got good enough I’d love to try it one day. I really encourage you to read up and get inspired by Patch, he really got everybody in the audience thinking and waved the might flag of LOVE!

Looking forward to setting up our home in the coming weeks and receiving guests as the year goes on and seeing Luke explore the island through the lens of his camera. Just had our lovely plumber drop by with some wild asparagus, made an appointment with him tomorrow to move our water tank at our place and get educated on the whole hot water system, I’ve embarked on researching the ‘permesso di soggiorno’ application for Luke and reminding myself that not everything happens overnight especially on Italian time. But I love that about Italy it teaches you to accept the inevitable and be unaffected by things when they don’t happen when you expect them to. It’s a great lesson in patience and a reminder that we don’t have to always have instant gratification, in fact I think it helps reprogram you to realize that we don’t have to live that way. ♥️✌🏼🇮🇹 Forza Sicilia!

Check out Luke’s latest video of our time in Vancouver, BC before we came to Sicily. 👍🏼

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A day is like unto a year…time to recap 🌎

Time flies when you’re having fun and it can feel super still at times too. This year that I’ve been based in Oregon is almost up. I arrived in early February of 2017 after spending 2016 living both in New Zealand and Sicily and travelling to England, Iceland with friends & Switzerland with my man & a dramatic turn of events in Amsterdam. Christmas of ‘16 was spent in Sicily with relatives visiting from the U.K. & at the end of January ‘17 after seeing my Grandmother in England with my Dad, I said goodbye to him at Gatwick airport and hopped on a WOW flight to San Francisco where I was reunited with Luke. 😍 Now that we are halfway through January of 2018 I feel like I need to recap what went down in 2017! Even for my own partial memory loss…or is it perhaps selective memory loss 🤷🏼‍♀️😊😅

A year I definitely won’t forget for the most important event of all ~~~ Luke and I got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On May 23rd at his parents Home. It was a blissful day and Luke and I had such a sense of peace and joy about everything. Even though sadly; all my family and friends couldn’t be there (because we didn’t give anyone really a chance to prepare to come as we organized it in such a short time frame….5 or so days to be exact) my sister gave me away and I married the love of my life! With mum and dad Skyped in at the end of the ceremony and the wedding caught on camera we hope to throw more parties down the road to celebrate our union ❤️ you’re all invited 😉

Tomorrow is Luke’s 26th birthday!!! We both can’t believe it. But it’s here. The day after that my sister turns 19! This weekend we are going to Mammoth Mountain with friends for a skiing trip & the following week we go to Bend where Luke’s shooting some promotional content for a cool brand that I can’t wait to share with you….🎥📸🎞

Our latest developments are still very much in development stage 😂 (#storyofourlives) BUT it’s looking like we head to BC, Canada for a shoot in the first week of February…again can’t wait to share more of that with you and then we head to Sicily to move into our place! One thing I can say is that being a young married couple we are very eager to start living on our own. As much as this year wouldn’t have been made possible without living at my in-laws (eternally grateful to them both🙏). Going through the whole immigration process we needed a base that could allow us to stay rent-free whilst I couldn’t work…but Luke and I are ready to move on in the hopes of creating our own home, whether that’s partly in Italy or returning here somewhere we can’t say yet but we are excited for wherever we end up!

So to recap: before getting engaged in March 😍 – I travelled to New Zealand for a photoshoot with Macpac and hung out with friends in Malibu. Came back to a Oregon and then before we knew it we were getting married💑! My sister arrived shortly before or wedding and we had such a fun time exploring with her and showing off Southern Oregon. Interspersed road trips throughout this whole year; some north to Portland some down to SoCal and east too to Bend or West to the coast we found ourselves in mid-Summer and what felt like being right in the middle of all the forest fires with the poor air quality in southern Oregon. We still went boating and enjoyed lake days, we witnessed the Total Eclipse in Corvallis! Had a party to celebrate us getting married with more friends! Went to Hawaii! I worked on a Music Video and a small play both of which felt so good to put my acting hat back on…pre-Thanksgiving in Napa Valley-esque area and a short to trip to NYC then Christmas here before welcoming the New Year at Crater Lake National Park. I’m sure I’m missing a lot throughout but you get the idea 🙃

I must be feeling nostalgic taking this literary trip down memory lane & printing lots of photos so that they’re not all stored up on my phone. We’ve been re-watching Luke’s videos on his YouTube channel and all the memories of our travels are flooding back.

I’m excited to get out again, spread our wings and see new sights, meet new people and reunite with old friends and see new corners of the world that we’ve yet to explore. It’s an interesting time as I feel like we are right on the edge of a big change. With getting my Green Card so much has opened up – I can now come and go and when we eventually feel like laying some roots in the States I can apply for a job…

I hope that gives you a little insight into my life….😅 I’m very grateful to the friends, family and community I’ve made here and been invited into ❤️

I think if there’s anything that I can say to someone who has been waiting…don’t rush it. Take each day as it comes. Be love and give love. In the waiting time we have no idea how much we can learn and grow until the waiting is up and the worldis at your feet 🕊

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A New Year! A new immigration status! 

Shucks. Happy New Year! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet for me. But I’m going to embrace the newness of this fresh start and get cracking. Hope you are well and at peace with the ending of a year and ready for this new one. Sending you love and warm vibes wherever you are reading this. I’m snuggled on a comfy chair, listening to a mix of Gotan project, Enya and Putumayo…feeling good, excited and a healthy balance of anxiety about this new chapter in mine and Luke’s story.

After my last blog I ventured to New York to visit my sweet cousin Melinda and meet her new husband! We’ve both been going through the same immigration process, so it’s been nice to share the experience and it was so cool to see her after so many years. She’s definitely an inspiration – working for several non-profits and kinda changing the world. She’s awesome. Getting to stay in Brooklyn with her was perfect. I was able to connect with a friend from London and New Zealand and a friend I only knew from Skype, who much like Luke and I; met and fell in love in Italy and sustained a long distance relationship before getting married and going through a very similar immigration process.

All in all the trip was a success; I got to see a play at The Public Theatre, go thrifting for hours, meet up with a great couple I met camping at Diamond Lake here in Oregon who are based in the Bronx, walk in the snow in Manhattan…and so much more…returned to Oregon successfully (first time doing standby travel) and made it to our immigration interview in Portland. It wasn’t like The Proposal but it sure was a lot less scarier than I had made it out to be in my head. Even though it was only 5 days away from Luke I was over the moon to be back with him. To treat ourselves before driving home we browsed in Powell’s bookshop and scored $10 moccasins at Buffalo Exchange for my mamasita.


Here’s to many new adventures in 2018 ✨✨✨

Christmas-time to with my husband’s family meant that we were spoilt by my in-laws and feasted on lots of goodies, brought out the original Jumanji, taught the fam how to play Five Crowns and sang hymns by candlelight at an outdoor ampitheare with a beautiful fireworks display to bring the Christmas service to an end. To top off all the festivities we were blessed to receive my Green Card in the mail!!! So that was a pretty great way to wrap up the year; all that hard work and patient waiting paid off. Now I can come and go as I please from the States and begin to work here should I find a job…. Which means our plans to travel back to Sicily and do some traveling beyond that in the next couple of months can happen (God-willing of course) 🙂

We celebrated the dawning of the New Year with friends and soaked up the sun whilst playing in the snow at Crater Lake on New Year’s Day. Had an absolute blast. Laughed and sledded, then filled our bellies with a classic pit-stop at Becky’s before heading home through the fog and karaok-ing to Jon Bellion in the back of our car. Slept like a baby and just like that the new year is full steam ahead…!

My sister is back in New Zealand having a blast and will start a really interesting course at a Film & TV production school at the end of this month. Even though I’d love to be closer to her, I’m so excited for her and so grateful to be able to FaceTime so regularly. I’m looking forward to seeing my parents in Sicily (it’ll be a year since I saw them last) and our good friend Jonty who is planning on travelling to Sicily too. Other than that our plans are in HIS hands…and it’s the best place for them to be. We have a lot of ideas for this year but we are also just stoked to have the opportunity to travel and be with loved ones; discovering new places and meeting new & old friends along the way.

Luke has been creating a lot recently and I love being the first one to see what he’s doing and supporting him. It’s amazing what he can do and I hope this year brings new challenges and experiences for him. He photographed his last wedding for the year on Christmas Eve Eve and this month there are a couple of brands that we hope to collaborate with which I’m excited about & another trip to the snow in Mammoth! Life is good 🙏🏻

A recent video made by Luke -> check it out  💧

Take care & keep in touch. We are all in this together 😉

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Countdown Begins 

Hey guys ✌🏼 Hope this finds you well?! The world’s a crazy place right now, isn’t it? I hope this season brings loved ones together and more peace wherever you are and whatever you’re experiencing ❤️✨🎉 A group of friends and I were blessed to see Mary Poppins last night at The Camelot Theatre ( I loved how simply profound Mary’s words of wisdom resounded off the stage and into the hearts of the audience. I especially loved “there’s always room for improvement” during the ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way’ number. Definitely a fun show to take the kids to see if you’re in Southern Oregon. Great Christmas gift too!

This year was my first Thanksgiving in the U.S & although it was a lot of eating 🤣 I cherished the community aspect of it and having fun and celebrating the people in my life. It’s so nice to be thankful. To start everyday with thanks and to end it with thanks. Gratitude for the little things and not just the big, life-changing things helps to keep that humbled and positive perspective that I keep working on honing in everyday…there’s always room for improvement 😉

So we just heard from our immigration lawyers and by next week I should have my work/travel permit and then the following week will be our interview to deem our relationship authentic and real. I keep imagining it’s going to be like that scene from The Proposal!!!!🙃😂 Then a stamp in my passport and a green card coming in the mail! It’s kind of all come to a crazy, fast finish. What seemed like a mountain of paperwork at the beginning, hefty fees and a test on Luke and my patience all seems to be a walk in the park now…

There have been hard times for sure but I’m grateful for them (easier to say after the fact, am I right?)😅… they helped and continue to help test and mould us into a couple that can face these challenges as a united front. Anyone else relate to challenges that help you to grow as a couple? I feel like I have a long way to go…🙏🏻

So all in all if the interview goes well at the Immigration headquarters in Portland, then the whole process of applying for permanent residency/Green Card will have taken 7 months almost to the day! Please reach out to me if you have been going through or if you’ve gone through a similar process to Luke and mine! I’d love to hear about your experiences. There have definitely been times of angst and frustration because I can’t do much and can’t leave the country…but these challenges have been so awesome too…that I can look back and be grateful for them now shows me that I’ve come a long way even though sometimes I feel so pathetic and silly! Self-pity is a vicious cycle…anyone agree? I try so hard to rebuke it and sometimes it lures me in and boy it can feel so good to fuel you’re own self-piteous tears with more tears but I’m learning to nip it in the bud more and more. ☺️🙋🏽‍♀️💙

I’m looking forward to a small trip I’m taking to the NYC next week to visit friends and family. I’ll be sure to write about it and share some pictures. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments below. I’ve downloaded some books on Audible to enjoy on the journey by Zadie Smith & C.S. Lewis to name a couple. I also discovered this new app called Jango which lets me listen to free radio, based on playlists created from the artist I put in. Latest Netflix findings have to be a film I’m surprised I’ve never seen; ‘Barefoot in The Park’ with the young & gorgeous Redford and full of gumption Fonda, I had to stay on this starry combo and watch ‘Our Souls At Night’…which had some sweet moments; particularly with the young boy who plays Fonda’s character’s Grandson. ‘What Happened to Monday’ with original ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ actress Noomi Rapace & its unique, futuristic plot was an edge-of-your-seat ride and post-apocalyptic ‘Equals’; although it felt very clinical and sterile overall it helped the character’s humanity rise & shine above it ending with the age-old message; that love prevails.❤️❤️❤️  I’m a sucker for films starring Kristen Stewart…contrary to popular belief I find that she’s a really unique actress to watch & grow. I like the chemistry between her and  Nicholas Hoult in ‘Equals’.


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Group selfie inception (photo credit Mig Windows)

Our Director


Fall Fun 🍂

It’s with bittersweet fondness that I say we are all done with All My Sons and if you came to the see play I thank YOU for supporting one of your local theatres!  Watching engaging theatre is something to encourage and experience if you can. It was such an honour to work alongside the other actors in the cast and under the terrific direction of Mark Schneider. The crew at the theatre were awesome too! It was very exciting to hear how the play was received by people in the community and I’m grateful I got to be a part of the magic. I’ll link a little excerpt and interview I did about the play below. (Thank you Camelot Theatre!)

It was so nice to be back on the stage and get that thrill before stepping into character and in front of an audience. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the stage and I really enjoyed the challenge and journey of taking on the role of Ann Deever from Arthur Miller’s thought-provoking play. I was originally cast in a different role and due to a cast member leaving I was put into Ann’s shoes and relished the challenge of overcoming learning lines a in less than a week before we went into our tech run! I’m reading Elia Kazan’s novel now on directing and gosh, it makes me want to get involved with more theatre & film so badly! I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of a DVD about the Group Theater origins from New York; where names like Meisner, Adler and Strasberg all got their start. Very interesting to see how the birth of ensemble theater really helped shape theater in America and influenced Hollywood with its technique and the well-known actors that it produced.

As for screen entertainment; we recently saw Bladerunner and Murder on The Orient Express and I can only say I really want to go back and watch the originals of both. The latest Bladerunner is aesthetically pleasing and worth seeing in a cinema but I did find it a little too long and too cold. The cinematography is out of this world and the score presents this very dark but believable future reality that I hope I don’t stay alive long enough to witness. I know I missed a few of the plot twists because it’s been so long since I saw the original film but I really enjoyed the post-apocalyptic & radiation-ridden Las Vegas setting where the legend himself graces the screen again…officer Deckard aka Harrison Ford. Ryan Gosling did his part in playing a very soulless but at the same time human Replicant. But the show-stealers for me were the Wallace corporation’s female creations. They were hardcore and really impressive. Orient Express was equally as cinematic with a pretty starry cast. Although Branagh naturally outshone the rest, almost slightly annoyingly, it really felt very ensemble-driven. A fun romp of a murder mystery that’s for sure.

In other news we are still waiting for word on my green card status…It’s both exciting and daunting not knowing what’s going to happen come the end of this year/beginning of 2018…till then I’ve promised myself that I’m going to remain thankful and joyful when my patience starts to wear thin 😉 Just before Thanksgiving we are heading down to Northern California to visit some sweet friends and I’d love to take Luke to Montreal later this year but one step at a time, this life is a beautiful mosaic work-of-art and you can’t rush art 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving (p.s. Good to be thankful everyday – it’s very humbling)

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First Fall; turning a new leaf

This autumn will be my first in Oregon, I can already see the change in the colors of the leaves and it’s beautiful. Growing up in Australia and the far-north of New Zealand, I didn’t really experience the four seasons until I started travelling. It gave me a newfound appreciation for the verse ‘There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.”(Ecclesiastes 3) There’s a crispness to the air and a lingering warmth from the sun over the past few days. They say we have a few more warm days thanks to the Indian Summer from this year. I think it’s a way of nature saying, “here enjoy some bearable warm days without forest fires and smoke tarnishing your enjoyment.” The cows have definitely been enjoying our (almost) daily apple & pear feeding. They are starting to get quite boisterous and needy but it’s so fun! 🐄🐄🐄

Returning from Hawaii things felt busy straight away. It’s nice to have busy schedules, it makes one appreciate the down days. And by down – I don’t mean sad but slow and quiet. Which I relish. I love to have quiet time and it doesn’t necessarily have to be alone. Giving myself permission to not ‘work’ and ‘accomplish’ but being still and going inwards is ironically more fulfilling then rushing around trying to get 100 things done before 10am… My mum told me we are going into a time of atonement, ‘Yom Kippur’ in the Jewish calendar. It’s the holiest time of the year, when we are closest to God and to the essence of our souls. So if that’s not a good enough reason to have quiet time then I don’t know what is. 🕊

This time of year also marks a return to the stage for me. The first time since I played Goldilocks at the Canterbury Children’s Theatre last year! This current play is quite a change from doing children’s theatre but I’m looking forward to the challenge of dealing with it’s uncomfortable study on social responsibility and the compromises people can be forced to make in a dishonest world. If you’re reading this and you live in Southern Oregon come to the Camelot Theater in Talent (Oct 25th-Nov 12th). Yes, the name of the town is called Talent 🙂 The play is called All My Sons written by Arthur Miller (one of America’s greatest playwrights) and directed by Mark Schneider – please follow the link to theatre website & box office. The cast is really wonderful and I feel honoured to share the stage with them – experienced both on screen and in the theatre. Just last night I overheard them talking about an experience with Stella Adler….! From the Actors Studio!!! I know I’m going to take a lot away from this experience and hope you do too!🎭

Lastly, Luke has been busy filming and editing a wedding he filmed last weekend. It looks so amazing already and it was such a gorgeous wedding to be at and help him with. Our finished Hawaii video is right here –> go on and give it a thumbs up 🤙🏽👍🏻🤙🏼

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Still on Island Time




Aloha friends & family 🌺🌺🌺

It’s been a while since I’ve written ~ and I’m excited to update you on our amazing trip to The Big Island (Hawaii) and the big question about my immigration paperwork.

Firstly, so thankful that the trip to Hawaii could happen and that Luke’s (my husband’s) parents have bought into a condo over there (Mahalo Gina & Rod💓). It was a blessing to escape the smoke in Oregon as a result of all the forest fires here. The smoke is still slightly lingering in the valley but it’s 100 times better than when we left. Hoping that everything will grow stronger and better after all of these fires – like a Phoenix rising from the ashes🔥🔥🔥

We stayed about 6 miles from the beach in Hawaii, so I was on Cloud 9 from the moment we stepped off the plane and the sweat started to trickle ~ gotta love that tropical humidity. The temperature of the sea water was amazing ~ I could have stayed in it all day and some days we didn’t leave the beach for hours. From cliff-jumping to paddle-boarding and getting up close and personal with Honu (sea-turtles) everything we did was so much fun! Tiring but a lot of fun. One of my favorite memories from the trip had to be watching the sun set whilst floating in the salty sea down at A-Bay. The sunsets we’re glorious especially from the 13,000ft high Mauna Kea Observatory on a full moon night. We watched the sun set perched above the clouds sitting on our awesome red Jeep that we hired for the first week. Shout out to Teddy @ Budget car rentals ~ if he ever reads this, you’re an absolute legend mate. 🚘

We were able to take beautiful photographs with Luke’s new gear and he’s editing a little video of our time there as I write this. I’m excited to share it with you. I’ll be linking a few other videos below ~ hope you enjoy them.🎥

As for the question I keep being asked about; we’re still waiting to hear from our immigration lawyer on the status of my application. Before leaving for Hawaii, just after the solar-eclipse that we witnessed in its entirety in Corvallis, I had a fingerprints (biometrics) appointment in the Portland immigration office. It was so cool to see; close-up, how intricately unique fingerprints are. No two people have the same fingerprint! Doesn’t that blow your mind?! Reminds me of the film: I, Origins ~ how each person on the planet that ever lived and will live has unique eyes….!👁👁👁

So the next step in the process (from what I understood after my last conversation with the paralegal) will be our interview process ~ to prove the authenticity of our marital union. Interesting, huh? Hopefully before then I should be able to get a travel & work permit…we will see. Whatever will be, will be…that’s what I can thank Hawaii for ~ resetting my clock to Island time. Rushing doesn’t get you anywhere unscathed. It may get you there fast, but it’ll come at a cost. Better to go with the flow & be present. Wherever you’re rushing to, it will always be there. That classic saying of enjoying the journey, rather than striving to get to the destination. ✌🏼

For those of you heading into the colder months shortly check out the Macpac winter video I worked on earlier this year.🍂🍁🌧❄️

A look into a Summer camping trip we went on recently ~ stay tuned for our Hawaii video coming your way soon 🤙🏽

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